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A visit to a modern factory, like Dr. Bruno Surgical Company, producing over fifteen thousand different Surgical, Dental, Podiatry and Veterinary Instruments, is an interesting experience since 1980,systematically, uncompromisingly and precisely. It is surprising how few members of the surgical trade and profession actually have any idea about how time-consuming and painstaking it is to produce these instruments. It is nothing like pouring molten metal into moulds or putting a piece of metal in a machine at one end to get a finished instrument at the other. With all the modern machines and techniques now available surgical instrument making still remains dominantly & handicraft of very special kind. 

Like Tuttlingen of Germany, the town of Sialkot in the north east of Pakistan is another real instrument capital of the world. In fact the number of instruments produced in Sialkot is far greater than those actually made in Tuttlingen. There are hundreds of small and large exports in Sialkot offering every level of quality, from disposable to floor grade to O.R as may be required by the buyers, USA, UK and Germany are the largest importers of Pakistan made Surgical Instruments. The bulk, about 75% of production, from Dr. Bruno Surgical is exported to the Europe and USA alone. So wherever in the world you may be, if you are not a direct customer of Dr. Bruno Surgical, the chances are that you are still receiving Dr. Bruno Surgical products indirectly, under American or German brand names.


‘A world in which every Human Life is Valued and Quality Health Care is available to all’ 

To exceeding our customer’s expectations in Quality, Delivery, and Cost through continuous Improvement and Customer Interaction.

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of quality SurgicalInstruments, we’re dedicated to servicing and supplying the worldwide medical industry with the highest quality Surgical Instruments at a reasonable price.


The company manufactures over 15000 Products and is dedicated to provide supreme theater Quality and Service. All our Administration and Sales staff are highly trained, which enables us to continuously monitor and achieve completeCustomer Satisfaction.

It is added that our Company is also holder of Certificates of International QualityStandards such as ISO-9001:2000, cGMP, FDA (USA) Approved & CE Mark, which reflects the Quality Service of our Instruments. We are interested not only to sale our Products but also build a good and long-term relationship with our Customers. 

is guaranteed for Quality Instruments. We have better workmanship and correct design. Products are tested at each stage of manufacturing to last stage of Packing / Dispatch to ensure proper working of the Instruments. 
Throughout manufacturing we maintain complete traceability for all Materials used. We therefore feel that our Quality System is very effective and it helps us to maintain our tradition of only producing Quality Products.


1. MATERIAL USED: Always a best quality stainless steel material is purchased from steel manufacturers. Two kinds of series i.e. 300, 410 and 420 of stainless steel are used for production of Dental Instruments.

2. MATERIAL TESTING: The purchased raw material is thoroughly tested underPQA Authority. A rigid quality control policy is being adopted before releasing to production. This test is taken to check the standard of steel as per desired specifications and is considered the most important factor of our business.

3. FORGING & HAMMERING: After testing, the stainless steel strips/bars are divided into different sizes as per our requirements and our highly experienced craftsmen are specialized in forging (Hot/Cold Drop) to perform all standard press operations in forming and deep drawing of all type of instruments. We anneal the forging and prepare for the milling process.

4. MACHINE & TOOL WORK: Our highly skilled technicians have a great knowledge about machine milling process. We form accurately male/female portion of box-joint forceps, as well as, serrations/ retches in uniformity. We are equipped to mill, drill, bore turn and grind all type of metals. We have in house facility of custom tool and die production, maintenance and repair.

We are specialized in hand–made fabrication. First, we assemble male/female portion after setting/adjusting of Extracting Forceps and Scissors, tips, serrations, ratches in uniformity and file precisely to make it semi-finish under strictly quality control specifications. We are now moving from basic hand manufacturing techniques to mechanization to production run.

All instruments are being tempered maintaining “Rock-Well Hardness” for Extracting Forceps & Retractor 45º to 50º degree and Scalar,Gauges and Scalpel 50° to 55º degree. A test is taken to check the hardness after tempering of each lot to maintain the uniformity and, before proceeding further, we clean all instruments by various chemicals. In addition, we will buy specializedQ/C equipment in near future to meet special customer Q/C. specifications.

We perform a wide variety of assembly operations from prototype quantities to production run. We rivet precisely each instrument such as, Extracting Forceps & Retractor, etc. But, for some kind of instruments, we use spot welding.

For precise grinding and excellent finish, we specialize in applying polishing wheels to belts to improve the overall finish in high uniformity utilizing best of polishing luster. We use electro-plating plants to polish serrations/ratches and joints of stainless steel instruments. For satin/matt finish instruments, we use glass heads to achieve uniformity. All instruments are being polished under rigid quality control specifications.

This method actually provides the instruments with its corrosion resistance properties. Passivation, which follows the final polishing step, is a chemical bath, which creates an oxidized layer on the surface of instruments. We are now equipped with most modern process.

We are full equipped with most modern ultrasonic cleaning plants imported from “Branson Cleaning Equipment Co. USA”, and all instruments are being cleaned properly utilizing various chemicals such as,Tri-Chloroethlyine etc.

11. INSPECTION & STAMPING: We inspect all instruments under rigid Q/C. specifications and give the assurance to our relative clients that all instruments shall be free from all defects such as, burrs, sharp edges, cracks, pitting, scratches, grease / excessive oil and foreign matters etc. We also guarantee for its workmanship. For stamping, we use both process i.e. die sunk and electrolytic marking and are being marked under customer’s specifications.

12. PACKING & LABELING: We pack all instruments under strictly Q/C. specifications as per customer’s demand. Normally, we pack individually in poly bag and further 12 pieces in one box mentioning outside with Part Number,Description and Lot Number. All instruments are packed in poly bags with adequate desiccant in each poly bag to absorb moisture. Mostly, we are packaging and labeling as per customer demand.

Illustrated catalogues (Surgical / Dental / Hollow Wear / Veterinary / Manicure) can also be provided on demand.

All order are being processing within 24 hours of receipt. However, the special non-existing items may also be executed within the stipulated period.

In order to just take an idea about our quality, please ask  for necessary samples of your interest against which we shall be very glad to submit without delay.

Now-a-day, due to great competition, this business is being conducted on quotation basis, therefore, you are requested to kindly provide us a list of your desire items against which we shall appreciate to quote / offer our most competitive prices for favour of kind approval.


We are also thinking to appoint our Sole Distributor in your potential State. If you interest in this proposition, please advise us so that we may let you know our decision.

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